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On May 5, 2009, WVUD unveiled its first ever hall of fame class.  Each spring, WVUD honors a class of men and women who made outstanding contributions to radio at the University of Delaware. 

Whether it was with WHEN, WDRB, WXDR, or WVUD, there are many people who have helped mold what this station has become. It is our honor to have had them associated with our history.

  • CLASS OF 2009 (click here for induction PDF)
    Bill Chambless
    Greer Firestone
    Ron Krauss
    Tom Mees
    Chuck Tarver

  • CLASS OF 2010 (click here for induction PDF)
    Larry Carr
    George Stewart
    Suzi Wollenberg
  • CLASS OF 2011 (click here for induction PDF)
    David Alperson
    Carl Goldstein
    ‘Even’ Steven Leech

  • CLASS OF 2012 (click here for induction PDF)
    J. Michael Foster
    David Mackenzie
    Scott Ohlmacher

  • CLASS OF 2013 (click here for induction PDF)
    Julian ‘Pete’ Booker
    Neal Payne
    Ron ‘Roadblock’ Smith

  • CLASS OF 2014 (click here for induction PDF)
    Jerry Grant
    John Lupton
    Michael Nigro

  • CLASS OF 2015 (click here for induction PDF)
    Mark Ellis
    Pete Simon
    Brian Smith
  • CLASS OF 2016 (click here for induction PDF)
    Sean Greene
    Michele Marcks (Ingari)
    Ron Whitehead

  • CLASS OF 2017(click here for induction PDF)
    Ellen Ellis
    Gloria James
    Mike Tsarouhas

  • CLASS OF 2018 (click here for induction PDF)
    Zack Baddorf
    George Mercer
  • CLASS OF 2019 (click here for induction PDF)
    Attalie Carnavali
    Michele McCann/Shelley Kelley
    John Gardner
  • CLASS OF 2020 (Due to COVID, there was no ceremony but you can click here for induction plaque mock ups)
    Chris Rewa
    Linda Vrooman (Berryhill)
  • CLASS OF 2021-22 (click here for induction PDF)
    Ken Galvin
    Pat Goodhope
    Roger Holmes
    Tom ‘Mac Thomas’ McElhone
  • CLASS OF 2023 (click here for induction PDF)
    Don Berry
    Shannon Perrine
  • CLASS OF 2024 (click here for induction PDF)
    Chapin ‘Scott’ Birney
    Teddy Gelman