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WVUD, the Voice of the University of Delaware, is the University’s non-commercial educational radio station. WVUD has a triple mission: to serve the University of Delaware, to serve Newark, our city of license, and to train students interested in broadcasting. Our offices and studios are located in the Perkins Student Center.

Our transmitting facilities are located atop the Christiana East residence hall. WVUD is operated by University of Delaware students, a University staff of two and community members. You don’t need prior radio experience or need to enroll in a certain major to take part in our activities. Our programming is as diverse as our membership. We have everything! Name any kind of music which interests you and we have it on our schedule sometime during the week. Some stations claim to have the most variety or claim to be on the cutting edge of radio. WVUD doesn’t make claims — it delivers. We have never lost sight of why we are here. We are here to give you, the listener, what you cannot hear elsewhere on the radio dial.

WVUD is not everything to everyone, but we feel that it is SOMETHING to everyone.


The WVUD Transmitter is a Nautel NV 7.5 transmitter. It operates on 91.3 Mhz, feeding a three bay Propagation Systems directional antenna 135 feet above average terrain (220 feet above ground level) on the University of Delaware’s Christiana East Tower.

(Coordinates – 39 deg. 41 min. 26 sec. North Latitude,
75 deg. 45 min. 23 sec. West Longitude).

The Effective Radiated power is 6800 Watts. 91.3 WVUD broadcasts on FM and HD-1 and “The Basement”is broadcast on HD-2.

WVUD’s studios 1, 2 and 4 have Wheatstone LX-24 12 channel consoles. Production Studio 2 also has a Presonus Studio Live 24 board and a Studio One workstation. Production Studio 3 is a live performance space.

Audio sources include Denon DN-C365 CD players, Stanton ST-150 turntables, 360 Systems Short/Cut, iMediatouch On Air audio software for music, pre-recorded announcements, and promos, EV RE-320 and Samson C-01 Microphones, Sony MDS-E12 minidisk recorders, Sony CDR-W33 CD recorders, Denon DN-500R flash recorders, Telos 1X6 Telephone Interfaces, and Tascam 112 cassette machines.

Technical information provided by:
Dave Mackenzie N3MEB
WVUD Chief Operator and Technical Director