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Coverage Area and Station Profile

Our General Coverage area

Total coverage is determined by many factors, including
terrain, atmospheric conditions, and radio receiver/antenna setup.

The inner circle is our dominant area of coverage and outer circle consists
of other areas where WVUD is heard.













The Voice of the University of Delaware Mission Statement

WVUD, the Voice of the University of Delaware, is a noncommercial public radio station. We have a triple mission: (1) Serve the University of Delaware with high-quality programming that is both entertaining and educational. (2) Serve Newark, our city of license, with information that citizens need in their daily lives and that stimulates positive interaction between the university and the surrounding community. (3) Train University of Delaware students and interested community members in the field of broadcasting.


WVUD reaches a broad audience in the Wilmington metro area ranging from children to senior citizens. WVUD’s 12+ metro cume is 14,900 and the average quarter hour (AQH) is 500 (Arbitron, Fall 1996).

Due to Arbitron methodology, WVUD’s audience is under-counted. University of Delaware residence hall students (7,800) are considered nonpermanent residents and therefore not counted. In addition, WVUD is carried on the University of Delaware cable system. The station is used as audio on UDTV 48, the university’s official channel and on SLTV 49, the university’s student channel, when programs are not being aired. The University of Delaware cable system has a potential audience of 20,000, who access the system via 3,200 cable connections in campus buildings.

WVUD’s campus and community audience is loyal, active and responsive. The good will directed toward the station can benefit your business.

Coverage Area

Depending upon terrain, WVUD has a primary coverage area of northern New Castle County, but reaches into a ‘Quad-State’ area (DE, NJ, MD, and PA) from its point of origin in Newark, DE.   We are also heard worldwide on the internet at wvud.org.


WVUD is a block formatted station (see schedule) providing music and information unavailable on commercial radio. We are Delaware’s only source for Classical, Jazz and Folk music and the only source of programming for several ethnic minority groups. University of Delaware students and alumni respond to WVUD’s schedule of sports broadcasts.