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While “underwriting” is not “advertising,” it can provide your firm with some of the same benefits plus some that commercial advertising can’t offer.  Research indicates that public radio is an excellent public relations tool. Listeners have a positive image of companies that support community radio and report their purchasing decisions are positively influenced by such support.

Reach a select audience
WVUD’s listeners are a diversified group of people who share many common interests and life-styles. WVUD provides programs for groups ranging from kids to senior citizens and targets audiences, including ethnic minorities, that are ignored by commercial broadcasters.  Senior citizens have above-average disposable incomes. They support businesses that support them. Kids and college students are still establishing their purchasing patterns.  University of Delaware students and alumni respond to firms that support their university. WVUD can help you reach all of these audiences.

Demonstrate your community concern
Your support of WVUD shows you’re interested in contributing to the quality of life in Newark and surrounding communities. It also demonstrates that you support the training of University of Delaware students who will be among the nation’s future broadcasters.

Expand awareness of your name and presence
Awareness of your business is expanded each time you are mentioned on WVUD.

Enhance your corporate image
Your image is enhanced by your association with noncommercial community radio and the University of Delaware.

Receive tax benefits
WVUD is part of the University of Delaware. WVUD is a nonprofit, noncommercial radio station. Your underwriting support is tax deductible. Consult your tax preparer.

Increase your opportunities for advertising.
Advertise your association with WVUD, The Voice of the University of Delaware, in other media (newspapers, etc.; our logo is available). Advertising that your business is the sponsor of a popular program on WVUD is an excellent way to increase the public’s awareness of your firm. It is a strong statement about your company’s contribution to the community’s well being.